To B or Not to B Corp!

Promote Corporate Responsibility through Benefit

Corporation Statutes

A New Economy is emerging that requires new market infrastructure to grow.  Corporate leaders need to be able to shape business models that enable them to satisfy the demands of investors, employees, and customers who increasingly demand that corporations serve both shareholders and society, considering the impact of their decisions on multiple stakeholders rather than maintaining a singular focus on short-term financial maximization.

Unfortunately, this New Economy is struggling with corporate laws made to support the Old Economy, including laws that force corporate leaders to put profits before people.  A Benefit Corporation Bill in your state would leave these old forms intact for those who want them, but it would create a new option without impacting the state budget that:

  • Removes legal impediments preventing businesses and investors from making their own decisions to use sustainability and social innovation as competitive advantages;
  • Legitimizes and accelerates development of a New Economy by providing legal recognition for businesses that adopt higher standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency;
  • Rebuilds public trust in business by demonstrating that businesses are willing to be held accountable to create value for both shareholders and society.

The American Sustainable Business Council, along with our partner B Lab, encourages you to take a moment to send a letter to your legislators supporting the enactment of this legislation by simply filling in the form below.  We’ll deliver your letter and add your name to our growing list of business and community leaders who are supporting this effort.

Other Actions You Can Take:

Send a letter to your state legislator on your letterhead (downloads available below).

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