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TEDx Wall Street- New York Style

From Good-b: We attended the innovative and exciting event at the New York Stock Exchange last week.  The event explored new ideas and innovations for “redefining success.”  Good-b will be publishing a review of the event soon with highlights from the day. Also it was of interest to note the difference between West Coast and East Coast solutions  (TedxWS & TEDx New WS) for updating a 2oth century financial system ripe for the modern age. Thank you NYSE for hosting the event which was awesome! Yahoo Finance presented a wonderful reception on the Stock Exchange Trading Floor after hours. (There is no cooler place to be than on the NYSE trading floor when the brokers go home.) Good-b was there. Look for a short video of the reception to be posted here and on youtube soon.

First TEDxWallStreet: ‘Redefining Success’ in a challenging world

“New York, April 3, 2012 –The first-ever TEDxWallStreet, a not-for-profit event, convened on March 30 at the New York Stock Exchange where pioneering thought leaders will address a diverse audience of 300 business, social and academic influencers, as well as a global audience via live webcast. The discussion will focus on “Redefining Success,” within the Wall Street community and beyond.

Read Official Press Release:

“We are thrilled to host the first TEDxWallStreet at the New York Stock Exchange,” said Duncan L. Niederauer, CEO, NYSE Euronext. “We share with TEDxWallStreet the value of open dialogue and the power of ideas, and we work to foster an environment where innovative thinking is transformed into focused solutions.”

WL Ross & Co. is the event’s Lead Sponsor. As the firm’s Chairman, Wilbur Ross’ unmatched experience in the turnaround business has consistently demonstrated the power of innovation, re-thinking and re-tooling for redefining success.

“Wall Street is overwhelmed with data but has vast needs for the expertise and creativity which this TEDxWallStreet inaugural event will begin to address. We are delighted to help sponsor this important project,” said Wilbur Ross.

Jonathan Ende is the Founder and Organizer of TEDxWallStreet. As a long-time TED enthusiast with a 20-year career in finance, he noticed that the Wall Street community was unrepresented in the universe of TEDTalks. “TEDxWallStreet brings the TED ethos to the world of finance,” said Ende. “We hope it will be a mind-opening, inspiring experience filled with transformative solutions that address today’s unprecedented global challenges.”

TEDxWallStreet is an independently organized TED event that was conceived to provide a single platform and a global stage for the brightest, most inspiring minds in and around the Wall Street community.

Speakers at the TEDxWallStreet Conference include:

Alexa von Tobel, Founder and CEO of LearnVest

Don Tapscott, Best-Selling Author, most recently of MacroWikinomics

Jeff Stewart, Founder and CEO of Lenddo

Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s Mad Money

Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews, Creators and Performers of Witness Uganda: The Musical, Winner of the 2012 Richard Rodgers Award for Musical Theater

Michelle Rhee, Founder and CEO of StudentsFirst

Scott Shay, Chairman of the Board of Signature Bank

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Founder of Fuel Outdoor

TEDxWallStreet will be live streamed online and all of the talks will be available for the greater TEDx audience consisting of millions around the world.

To learn more about this event and to apply for tickets