RocketHub: How To Crowdfund Your Next Project

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After years of experience and observation of over 10,000 funding campaigns, RocketHub has narrowed down the formula to find success with crowdfunding. These factors determine which projects achieve their goals (and which ones don’t). Those who press the funding button will make an emotional connection with how you talk about your project. RocketHub data shows funders may be moved by your passion, the project itself, or both, but somehow you made them feel they had to support you

How are entrepreneurs currently crowdfunding their endeavors?
What are the “core patterns” for increasing the probability of funding your next project?
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Join the Crowdfunding Success Patterns” Lecture in NYC Tuesday Feb 5, 6-8 EST

at WeWork – 4th Floor 175 Varick Street New York, NY 10013

The purpose of this lecture is to share “best practices” alongside supporting data to showcase “success patterns” in the crowdfunding landscape. Designed for creative entrepreneurs looking to leverage crowdfunding for a project, this talk will use real life case studies to teach how to maximize success with this funding model.
Workshop Outline: We are more connected than ever before. Modern social networking makes reaching out simple and virtually free. And more of us are taking up projects independently. A new revolution has emerged on the grassroots level of independent creativity and entrepreneurism. Crowdfunding is the foundation of this new economy.

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