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Good-b Team Round-Up!Group panorama

Monika for cc         Monika Mitchell -Founder/CVO (chief vision officer): An award-winning writer, Monika wears many hats at Good-b (stylish ones, of course…and an occasional Yankees hat)! Aside from producing Good-b initiatives and developing new ones, she writes, edits, publishes, directs, produces, visions, dreams (big), and share laughs and inspiration at Good-b! Monika’s background in nonprofit theatre, small biz, serial entrepreneurship, and Wall Street finance gives her the perfect balance to support social entrepreneurship. She has a lifelong passion for meeting new people, and sharing new ideas and helping make the world better for everyone in it. She was named “Top 100 Thought Leader for Trustworthy Business” in 2012 & 2013 by Trust Across America. Monika is a regular contributor to Huffington Post.  


superman75Ron Davison -Director of Operations (aka Good-b’s Right Arm): At every functioning small business, there is one person who keeps everything moving in the right direction. At Good-b, that someone is our resident champion, Ron! Basically, Ron does everything at Good-b that you don’t see or don’t know you are seeing. He wears manager, partner, chief operating bottle-washer hats! He is also techie, tweeter, publisher, researcher, and editor!  Good-b wouldn’t function very well without him! (We love you Ron!) Ron is our “token” midwesterner, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. He lived in London and Europe for several years before moving to NYC. His favorite things include Belgian chocolate, all things tech, social media, strong coffee, snorkeling in the Caribbean, and yearly trips to Seattle, London, and Poland.

Kenny GF Apr 2013 100Kenny Rivera -Doing Good Biz “Shorts” Director: Kenny is a Brooklyn born native who graduated with honors from the College of Staten Island with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications.  When he is not out and about shopping and dining at the latest trending NYC hotspots, he is traveling the country and touring various amusement parks with fellow ACE (American Coaster Enthusiast) members.  In a recent trip to California for a theme park tour, he made a pit stop at the Grammy museum to pay homage to his personal idol, Whitney Houston.  Want to win the key to his heart? Then feed him!  A passionate foodie, Kenny loves nothing more than indulging in Las Vegas’ #1 rated Bellagio buffet!




Chantrese GF Apr 2013 100Chantrese Williams – Social Media Research & Events: Chantrese is passionate about helping the underdog come out on top. Her mission to give a voice to the voiceless makes Good-b the perfect home for her goals. Holding a BA in Media Communications & American Studies from State University of New York at Westbury, she loves a good margarita, dressing like a fashionista, singing in her Gospel choir, and listening to Motown. If you offer her a cupcake or peanut butter cookie, you will officially be her new best friend forever!

Mai GF Apr 2013 100                                        Larissa GF Apr 2013 100

Mai Dornelles                           Larissa Gomes

Video Production Team: The Dynamic Duo of Larissa & Mai have been best friends since the first grade. They grew up in Brasilia, Brazil and moved to New York to study digital film and media at the New York Film Academy. They partner for Good-b as our video broadcasting and production team.

Dori GF Apr 2013 100Dori O’Dea: Video Host-Contributing Journalist: Dori O’Dea is a professional actor, writer, jewelry designer, and media coach – happy to have joined the Good-b team! Her webisode and blog, My Peculiar Life, follows the ramblings and joys of a life well lived amongst good people and unusually humorous settings in Brooklyn, NY. While not napping with her dog, Tribble, or walking her fish, Dude, Dori dreams up ways to make the world laugh (with her, not at her). Dori is grateful to be part of Good-b’s team, focusing on the infinite possibilities of positive intentions and visionary entrepreneurs.

Darnell GF Apr 2013 100Darnell Roberts -PR Contributor: Darnell is a Buffalo born, Bronx bred, marketing/PR guy who holds a Bachelors in Broadcast Communications. He never shuts up; he even talks in his sleep. Not a day goes by without him texting, tweeting, emailing, blogging (he thinks he has magic thumbs!) Bill Gates said, “if I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.” Darnell agrees!

Francis-Tejada 100 Francis Tejada: Contributer: Video Editing & Production- Francis graduated from Stockton State College in New Jersey where he majored in film studies, new media, and communications. He finished his filming and editing his first full-length film last year. He comes to Good-b as a video editor and photographer.

Behind-the-Scenes at Good-b

Gregg Peichyna -Tech Wizard: (AllTech Pros) Many things happen in the middle of the night at Good-b! That is when we update servers and generally smooth out operations. Gregg puts it all together and keeps us going somehow through every major tech calamity! (And there have been quite a few!)