Going Digital & Social @Fordham B-School

October 16, 2013 – 8:30-1:30pm. Breakfast & Lunch Included. Register Here. 
Calling All Entrepreneurs, Techies, Students, Thought Leaders who are interested in supporting NYC underserved communities and alleviating poverty on a local community level through tech innovations, social good startups, and social enterprises:
Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship Joint Event Presented by Fordham University Graduate B-School, Fordham’s Center for Digital Transformation, Latin Business Today and Sponsored by Accenture.
Monika Mitchell, GoodB’s Founder, will be joining a panel on:
“Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Challenges for NYC Social Innovators” moderated by Latin Business Today – at the Fordham Rose Hill B-School Campus (across from Botanical Gardens).  If you are willing to take the train ride, you’ll meals, information & networking are included!
Opportunities and Challenges

Fordham University Schools of Business and The Center for Digital Transformation in partnership with Urban Studies Program and Urban Law Center

Wednesday, October 16, 2013. 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

AGENDA: Download Full Agenda [PDF]

The Bronx presents great opportunities for technology-based innovation and start up activity and the support of small businesses with digital information & communication technologies. The presence of higher education institutions, health care entities including hospitals and medical colleges, the Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo and other government and non-profit agencies makes it attractive to consider the Bronx for entrepreneurial and business support activities.

This 2nd annual summit brings together faculty, students, practitioners, companies, non-profit agencies and Borough government officials to discuss opportunities and challenges in the application of digital information and communication technologies in entrepreneurial start up and support of small business activities. Keynote speakers and panelists from academia, industry and government will share their expertise in exploring this potential, and identify the grand challenges, opportunities and solutions.

The summit is an essential event to those interested in the transformation of the Bronx into a viable borough of sustainable, technology-driven business activities and economic growth.

About RP Raghupathi: Founding Director of Fordham’s Center for Digital Transformation, created in 2011 to explore how technology can improve the way we live by promoting growth, raising the standard of living and bringing people out of poverty. Actively engaged with students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Professor Raghupathi strongly believes that Fordham can and will enable business and technology solutions that produce tangible progress in New York City and elsewhere.

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