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Clean Tech Stimulus

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San Francisco & the Bay area: Northern Calfornians just get it! The whole Clean tech movement that is! Hip and ground-breaking California thought leaders have long supported alternative energy research and are not stopping now. A fourth incubator for clean tech opens in Berkeley. When will the rest of the U.S. catch up?


Clean Tech Incubator at UC Berkeley

 An incubator backed by a trio of University of California campuses is getting ready to open its doors in a former Twinkies bakery in Berkeley.

The Berkeley incubator will be the fourth launched by the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences. QB3, as it is known, is a consortium of more than 200 laboratories located at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz. The other incubators are located at UC Berkeley’s Stanley Hall, the UCSF campus at Mission Bay in San Francisco and on the UC Santa Cruz campus.

The 9,300-square-foot Berkeley incubator will cater to biotech, cleantech, advanced fuels and other cutting-edge entrepreneurs.

“We want to create a pipeline of small companies,” said Douglas Crawford, associate director with QB3. “They won’t all get to be big companies. Some will fail. But without some space to start, they will never even become a small company.”

A total of 49 companies have located to one of the three existing incubators, Crawford said. Of those, 43 continue to operate, three have been sold, and three have gone out of business. About one-third have received venture capital financing, Crawford estimated. 


By George Avalos Reprinted from Oakland Tribune