Blogging for Dollars!

Sponsored Blogs are a Good Way to get the Word Out about your Product or Service by advertising your expertise on the subject!

Direct advertising blogs not accepted. However, write a 300-400 word blog on your topic and we will publish it as a sponsored blog with your logo, title and business information. Publication is permanent.

Example #1: You are the owner of an organic children’s clothing store. Write a blog about why organic clothing is better for your child than processed fabrics!

Example #2:  You run a law firm where ethics are fundamental to your business model. Tell Good-b readers, how good ethics makes good business!

Example #3: You are an SRI specialist. Tell Good-b readers what is new in socially responsible investing.

What is unique about your Good Business? What knowledge or expertise do you want to share with Good-b readers? Do you have a passion for  a Good Business subject you seek a public platform for? Selected submissions will be read by Good-b’s targeted audience of the leading sustainable and socially responsible business leaders and changemakers!


(Please Note: Blogs are noted as sponsored. Content subject to editorial approval.)

Get up on your Good-b Soapbox and Let Good Business Readers know what you think!

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