Alan Webber on 21st century business -Part 1(audio)

Alan Webber is one of the legends in the world of progressive business.

After achieving what for many would be the pinnacle of success as Managing Editor for the Harvard Business Review, Webber took the unprecedented risk of starting an unknown magazine for an untested market: Fast Company. The innovative Webber, co-founder Bill Taylor and their out-of-the-box Fast Company team would change the way we view business. They wrote about finding meaning in your work and deeper purpose to your profits.

In a fascinating interview with Good-b’s Monika Mitchell, entrepreneur and thought leader Alan Webber discusses how he and FC created a world-class magazine that changed the conversation at the height of the dot-com boom. He speaks candidly on how to work for more than money, his thoughts on Wall Street finance and the urgent need for trust and transparency in business.

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