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How Can You Impact Diversity

Social Venture Network is launching a new “triple bottom line” crowdfunding campaign to support the next generation of world-changing women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color. For the past 26 years, Social Venture Network (SVN) has connected mission-driven entrepreneurs to the people, resources and ideas they need to create a more just and sustainable economy. SVN members lead companies that focus on a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Mission-driven business has moved from a radical notion to a widespread movement that is having a positive impact throughout the world.


Following the Old Indian Path

One week ago, as I was sitting down to write this meditation, a young man walked into an elementary school about an hour south of my house, a school that sits not far from the old Indian path I now drive nearly every day, the road between Bedford and Vermont. He brutally shot dozens of people, most of them young children between the ages of six and seven, before taking his own life.
Sandy Hook Elementary. Hurricane Sandy. There is a horrible repetition in these shocks to our “system.” An incessant drumbeat of madness and suffering.


Impact Investment Gets Boost!

Impact Investment and Impact Trading Poised at the Gate! One of the toughest start-ups to sustain is a social enterprise. SE’s are for-profit businesses that aim to solve social problems: education issues, global poverty, clean water, climate change, world hunger, gender empowerment…just to name a few! The difference between a non-profit entity with a social […]


The Soul of Impact: Housewives of Beverly Hills

The realization of vast riches followed by extravagant displays of consumption is, unfortunately, as American as Wonder Bread. It is just as nutritious as well — for the planet and its peoples.

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What is Impact Entrepreneurship?

For all the buzz that impact investing has been getting in financial circles, the pages of magazines like Forbes and The Economist, and newspapers like The New York Times, there has been little or no discussion of what impact is exactly. It is kind of assumed we know what it is. But do we?

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2012: Good Business Gets Personal

Welcome to 2012! It promises to be an awesome year full of innovation and transformation in the world of business. We have been busy brainstorming here at Good-b headquarters and planning the year ahead.
I hope all of you have made your resolutions and developed your strategies for the coming year. Our goal at Good-b is to be a more integral part of your business support. In 2012, Good Business gets personal. We want to get to know you and your business needs better! The 2012 purpose for Good-b is to ask how we can support your business goals. Your business is our business: small, big and in between.


Impact Entrepreneur: Let’s End the Social Entrepreneurship Ponzi Scheme

I started my gig in the social entrepreneur space about five years ago after an experienced venture capitalist and board member of a couple social entrepreneur groups rather forcefully insisted to me in a meeting that the digital media project I was incubating in my small nonprofit organization would be far better served as a for-profit social enterprise. Yours is a great, big idea, he told me, and you will need a good amount of capital to do it right. You will find that capital much easier to come by as a social enterprise, he stated confidently.


Hotfrog CEO: “Impact Street: Don’t Just Occupy Wall Street…”

Hotfrpg CEO Laurie Lane-Zucker suggests Impact Street is the wave of the future. LLZ writes, “Do the Occupy Wall Street protestors have X = 392 + 10.5 – 1 in mind as they raise their voices? I really don’t know, but if I were to guess I would have to say no. Because if they were fully conscious of the equation, they would not only be attempting to occupy Wall Street but REPLACE Wall Street.”


Clinton Global Initiative: Impact Investing & the God Particle

Professor Marvel attended the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting this week in New York City. I know this because he contacted me out of the blue via Twitter. He read my previous post in Good Business International, “The Wizards of Impact Investing” and, true to his reputation, somehow conjured up an invitation to the gathering of “global elite.”

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Photos from Clinton Global Initiative 2011

The Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, is the “premier global gathering for current and former heads of state, chief executives of corporations, philanthropists, thought leaders, prominent members of the media, and directors of nonprofit organizations.”   DAY ONE Climate Change President Clinton and seven current world leaders discuss […]


Clinton Global Initiative: The Wizards of Impact Investing

On September 20-22, members of the self-described global elite will gather at the Clinton Global Initiative. Members of the Global Impact Elite will be among this company. This member of the GIE may not be there (my invitation seems to have been lost in transit) but hereby puts in this call, in absentia, to the other members of the GIE to make specific commitments for future impact investments. This does not mean simply saying that you will consider GIIRS ratings as part of your future investment process (yes, we have our spies!). It means giving specific amounts for future certified impact investments. Like 10% of foundation endowment capital (as recommended by the Canadian Foundation Task Force), or 10% of previous year’s net income (before executive bonuses) for financial institutions. If this sounds like a high percentage, believe me that percentage-wise it is nothing compared to what this member of the GIE has invested to date.

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SOCAP: Zen and the Art of Impact Investing

At SOCAP, there were a number of expensive Wall St. suits combing the sights. Maybe they read the recent Forbes article on impact investing and headed west to learn more about this new trillion-dollar market. To my biased eyes, some of them looked a little like Draco Malfoy with tight faces that hinted at some kind of profound inner conflict: do I stay fixed to the path of Mom and Dad and the other Death Eaters or sit down to a hookah with Ronald Weasley?

I could of course be wrong; they may just have been dissatisfied with the vegan lunch offerings and hungering after medium rare steak.